How does your course work?

Learn to drive the modern way with Driving Portal.You attend our dedicated training centre daily 9am to 5pm; each day begins with a “rules of the road” brief. You are then introduced to your individual DVSA qualified instructor who will work with you throughout the week. All in car tuition is 1:1 with no car sharing. On completion of the practical sessions you return to the training centre for theory classes. Theory tests are pre-arranged on the course week and, once passed, Driving Portal will assist you in applying for your priority practical driving test. Driving Portal guarantee to secure the test 75% sooner than the DVSA waiting list. Check out our passes for real results as they come in daily.

What makes us different?

Many other intensive driving courses only allow you to book individual driving lessons in blocks which span a number of weeks. At Driving Portal we believe intensive lessons are important; over the Driving Portal course you will learn the practical and theory syllabus. All our instructors are extremely experienced in providing tuition in a structured and efficient manner, giving you the best learning experience.

•Are the test fees included in the price

Yes – all prices we quote include the test fees, we book them for you

Do you help with theory revision?

There are around 1200 questions in the theory question database, so you’re looking at a lot of revision time. We recommend at least 30 hours, and thats only 2 minutes per question! For practical reasons we will give you free access to the premium version of the theory test pro website, so you can study online at home or on the go, with your smartphone via the website or app. Our driving instructors will be happy to assist with the theory in the car too if you need help, just ask. We can go through the more complex questions with you, which will boost your chances of passing the theory test when you take it. It would take us hours and hours to cover everything once so thats why we give you free access to the revision website.

What if I fail my theory test or Practical test?

The driving instructor will continue to train you and get you up to the best possible standard within the hours we have arranged with you that week, we will then either book the theory test for you again. We aim to offer exceptional quality, cost effective theory and practical tuition that will allow an individual to learn to drive within 5 days. Driving Portal will supply a car free of charge for the first driving test. If you don’t manage to pass your theory or practical tests you will receive free, unlimited retraining to help you improve. (Conditions apply) Full payment is required upon booking with a credit or debit card. Booking for courses over 4 weeks away can be secured by a £200 non-refundable deposit, balance due 4 weeks prior to the course start date.

Free Retraining

  • After many years in the driver training industry Driving Portal recognise that not everyone will pass their test first time. The failure can be down to the stress of the test on the day or a technical difficulty.
  • Driving Portal are committed to all of their pupils obtaining a full drivers licence. Therefore we have introduced our customer pledge in which we will provide FREE OF CHARGE correction lessons to correct any faults made on either the theory or the practical driving tests for as long as is needed, until a pass is obtained.

How does it work?

  • Theory test
  • Should the candidate fail the theory test at the first or any successive attempts the candidate can enroll onto the retraining programme by informing the training manager of their theory result and by attending unlimited theory training classes held at the training centre until a theory pass is obtained.
  • The offer does not include the DVSA theory test fee, which is payable to the DVSA.
  • Driving test
  • Should the candidate fail the driving test after completion of the Driving Portal course at the first or any successive attempts, the candidate can enroll onto the retraining programme by submitting the Driving Test Report form (DL25A) given to him/her by the examiner after their driving test.
  • Free remedial help to correct the errors identified as serious or dangerous by the examiner and as marked on the DL25A will be offered, until the candidate is happy to reapply for another test. The offer does not include the DVSA test fee, which is payable to the DVSA or any fees to hire a car for a test.
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