News: Truck Drivers Go Cycling to Improve Road Safety

A number of truck drivers in the United Kingdom (UK) have taken to two wheels on the road in order to find out what it is like to just ride a bike in an effort to improve road safety. In a bid to get the laudable objective of the idea, concerned group that initiated it, has taken this very seriously…

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Taking the Driving Lessons in Cardiff

You have to take many things into consideration before taking any driving lessons in Cardiff. First is your age. If you’re already 15 years and nine-month old, it’s the time of concrete preparation of yourself to become a driver, and it could be done by applying for a provisional licence. But it’s not yet your time behind the steering wheel.…

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Fair Private Parking Fines

The private parking fines in the United Kingdom (UK) have been adjudged as fair because no less than the Supreme Court says so. It has been manifested in a recent ruling of the highest court of the land. The result would be that any private parking enforcement firm can now increase its fines following the said ruling which states that…

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