Driving Tips

Practising to Drive with Family Member or Friend

We all know that not all If you practise driving with a member of your family or one of your friends whom you don’t pay for his or her services, there are requirements that should be met so that any applied law couldn’t be infringed, so any penalty could be avoided. So, anyone you practise your driving with must: (1.)…

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Driving Lessons Cardiff Tips: Lapses in Concentration at Wheel

Even the most careful and experienced of drivers in the United Kingdom (UK) can suffer some momentary lapses in concentration behind the steering wheel which affects their driving. If you suffer a lapse in concentration it may be that you find yourself facing a prosecution for careless driving. The authorities are just concerned for your own and other road users’…

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Saving Lives by Teaching Driving at Driving School Cardiff

To introduce driving to the school curriculum is viewed to save 400 lives yearly on the roads in the United Kingdom (UK). This is a proposal that’s currently backed up by a petition which has been launched to support it. This is also being supported by the country’s major motoring organisations that include the RAC, the Institute of Advanced Motorists…

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Driving Instructors Cardiff Tips: The Penalty for Speeding

The penalty for speeding varies according to the gravity of the offence but it should not exceed £2,500.  The other one is three to six penalty points on your driving licence or you may face disqualification from driving for at least seven days and usually the highest is 56 days. There are also instances that the magistrates would impose higher…

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