About Us

Driving Portal was established with one thing in mind, which was to get the a complete beginner to test ready in one week who then should go onto pass their driving test on their first attempt.
Once you have your full driving licence your life is going to change massively. It’s not just about getting to work or college that bit quicker, it’s EVERYTHING! From seeing friends and family, to going away at the weekends and just getting out there under your own steam.
What I want you do is save time and money on passing your driving test. When you learn to drive with us, your focus is to become a safe driver and to be able to fully control the car, because when you are on the driving test this is exactly what the driving examiner is looking for. We are looking for pupils who want to crack on and learn fast.
Ideally we’ll also start on your theory training because as soon as you have passed your theory test, you are half way to getting your licence. If you want to pass your driving test, and save time and money by working hard, learning quick and having fun along the way

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